Our Mission

The mission of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA) is to promote a sense of friendly association and community involvement throughout Hayes Valley; preserve and reinforce our neighborhood’s cultural and economic diversity, historic character, beauty and architecture; and ensure our community’s constructive participation in San Francisco’s governmental process.

HVNA’s Core Values

Our General Meetings

Come hear news relevant to the Hayes Valley neighborhood. Make a positive impact. Get information and have your voice heard. You are invited to join us for our next general meeting. HVNA meetings are productive and informative focusing on issues such as public safety, transportation & planning, beautification, and small business. Hope to see you there!


The Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association has developed several committees to address the needs and concerns of Hayes Valley. We are fortunate to have a number of very talented and dedicated residents to lead these committees. Volunteers are always welcome!

The Hayes Valley Voice is the newsletter of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association. This blog carries a select few of the articles as the print edition (view here) as well as online-only content. Please send your tips, questions, and submissions to blog@hayesvalleysf.org.


HVNA boundaries are defined in our Bylaws: