HVNA is committed to transparency. Asking members for yearly dues comes with a responsibility to report where that money goes.

2021/2022 Budget

Balance Sheet







Total Assets



Accounts Payable


Fund Balance

Total Assets less Total Liabilities



Revenue Statement



Membership dues




Total Income



Professional Services (Website, PayPal, admin)






Supplies and Postage




Donations from HVNA


Membership Drives / Appreciation


Safety Committee


Greening Committee


Lighting Project


Shared Streets


Total Expenses


Total Revenue less Total Expenses




1Hayes Valley maintains a checking and savings account with some monies earmarked for a specific purpose such as the Freeway Revolt/Memorial and ACE.

General Fund


Freeway Revolt/Memorial Fund


ACE Fund


Savings / Reserves





2HVNA had one outstanding check related to expenses incurred by the safety committee.


3HVNA collects annual dues from members including individuals, dual memberships, businesses, and non-profits. Members may also elect to become a sponsor or benefactor.

Membership Dues for FY 22

Benefactor ($250.00)


Business ($100.00)


Dual/Family ($35.00)


Individual ($25.00)


Limited Income ($15.00)


Non-Profit ($50.00)


Sponsor ($100.00)







4HVNA received a grant from the Civic Center Benefactor District for Shared Streets and a grant from Hayes Valley Merchants Association for performers at the Holiday Block Party. These grants helped to offset expenses incurred in note 15 and note 9, respectively.

5HVNA has monthly technology expenses for a password manager, Google, WordPress website, and Zoom. There are annual expenses for Google Domains and gravity forms which assists with PayPal integration on the HVNA website.

6Insurance covers HVNA general liability and Directors & Officers Insurance.

7HVNA holds a California business tax licenses to operate as a 501c4 organization.

8HVNA incurred supplies and postage expenses for membership notices and general administration.

9HVNA supported the holiday block party and Hayes Valley Carnival.

10HVNA donated to Collective Impact.

11HVNA held a membership drive and membership appreciation events.

12HVNA safety committee incurred printing costs.

13HVNA greening committee supplied food / beverages to volunteers and purchased general supplies.

14HVNA participated in the Light a Life lighting project which supports lighting up areas of the neighborhood.

15HVNA incurred expenses for replacement barricades and other improvements for Shared Streets.


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