As per the Market/Octavia Better Neighborhood Plan, the Greening Committee’s goal is to promote green space opportunities in Hayes Valley. Those opportunities will evolve over time as the needs of the neighborhood change. Currently, we have several projects, and we look forward to your participation, as a member of the Hayes Valley community:

  1. Tree plantings and permeable sidewalk landscapes — contact Brian Silva, Jim Warshell, and Jay Rosenberg
  2. Make a Meal at the Hayes Valley Playground’s community garden (invite local restaurant chefs to provide planting suggestions for the garden; kids & neighbors will plant and harvest. With chefs’ support, make a meal at the playground’s Clubhouse for all to enjoy) — contact Jamie Lopez
  3. Tree Succession program (planning for aging ficus tree replacement, particularly on Hayes Street). Contact Jim Warshell
  4. Living Alleys (Ivy St between Gough & Franklin in work now). Next suggestion is Lily Street between Octavia & Gough. Contact Larry Cronander
  5. Interested in Volunteering in the Playground Gardens? Contact Jay Rosenberg

If you are interested in participating please contact us by emailing