Supervisor Newsletter

Supervisor Breed’s Current Newsletter


The Journey From the Central Freeway to Octavia Boulevard and Beyond




African American Reparations Advisory Committee – Presentation to HVNA

Business Relations

Formula Retail (Chain Store) Ban in Hayes Valley | SF Planning Code Regulation
HVNA Business Members 2016
HVNA Letter of Support Suppenkuche Legacy Business Application July 18 2022


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs
COVID-19 Vaccine: Myth vs. Fact
Vaccination Plan 2021.01.15


Statement in Support of Hayes Valley Safe Sleeping Site and Hotel Rooms for Homeless People Letter
Support Letter and Petition for Hotel Rooms and Safe Sleeping Sites for our Unhoused Neighbors
PROXY_in between: HVNA presentation 2020.10.22
1 Haight Street BMR Lottery
Letter of Recommendation for A Place for All
78 Haight – Artwork – Newsletter
Support for Proxy lease extension and community engagement on Parcels K & L
Letter of support for A Place For All
Letter of Recommendation for A Place for All, 2022

Public Safety

Public Safety Bulletin: Property Crimes
Public Safety Bulletin: Families, Children & Crime
Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins
Public Safety Bulletin: Disposal of Syringes and Needles
Public Safety Bulletin: Homelessness
HVNA Safety Letter 2021.02.14
HVNA Safety Letter Response from Supervisor Preston 2021.02.19
HVNA Safety Letter Response from Captain Yep 2021.02.20
HVNA Safety Letter Followup 2021.02.22
HVNA Safety Letter Response from DA Boudin 2021.02.23
Notes from the 2021.08.02 Public Safety Meeting
HVNA support of 10-A Sheriff’s Services
Public Safety Goals 2023
Hayes Valley Street Fires Letter

Transportation & Planning

Hayes Buchanan Concept Bus Stop
Octavia Blvd Open House Flyer
Market & Octavia – An Area Plan Of The General Plan | City and County of San Francisco Planning Department
Market & Octavia Area Plan – Planning Code Text
Market & Octavia Area Plan – Fundamental Design Principles
Market & Octavia Area Plan – Height Map
Market & Octavia Area Plan – Height Map With Lot Lines
Market & Octavia Community Improvement, Detailed Project Scope and Costs
One Oak: HVNA T & P Comment letter on initial review for One Oak, a proposed high-rise tower on the northwest corner of Market and Van Ness.
12 point traffic safety concerns in Hayes Valley
Fact Sheets for Affordable Family Housing at Fell at Laguna
Short Term Rental WHAT TO DO
Appeal of One Oak EIR: Hearing Sept 5th 3pm, City Hall Legislative Chamber Room 250
The Victorian Alliance of San Francisco, Historic House Tour 2018
2019 HVNA SFMTA Octavia Open Street Letter
2019-11-19 HVNA T&P Page Street Bicycle Improvement Pilot Proposal
2019-11-14 HVNA SFMTA Page Street Letter
2021.11.03 HVNA Muni Restoration Letter
HVNA Letter of Support Car Free JFK Jan 2022
HVNA Letter of Support for Municipal Bike Share
2022.2.17 HVNA Traffic Safety Letter
HVNA Position on Redistricting D5
HVNA position on Redistricting D5
618 Octavia Proposal & Excess Parking
2022.6.6 HVNA Traffic Safety Letter
Letter to Caltrans to evaluate removal of the Central Freeway 2022-11-18
2023-01-16 HVNA SFMTA Page Slow-Street Letter