April ’11 General Meeting Recap

Last night we had presentations by:
Garden for the Environment’s Suzi Paladino
Friends of the Urban Forest’s Doug Wildman
SF Bee Coalition and SF Bee-Cause beekeeper Karen Peteros
North of the Panhandle’s Neighborhood Association’s President Jarie Bolander came to discuss Bay to Breakers.

Suzi Paladino of Garden for the Environment wanted to let everyone know all are welcome to take a number of classes at their demonstration garden at 7th Ave and Lawton. They have composting workshops, food growing workshops, ornamental xeriscape gardening workshops, and much more. Take a look at their class list here: Garden for the Environment Classes.

Doug Wildman stated that San Francisco is losing about 4,500 trees per year, and Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) is helping to plant 1,200 trees per year, but we are losing tree coverage. If you know of a spot that you would like to plant a street tree, please contact FUF at 415.561.6890 or go to this link : Tree Planting with FUF. If you plant a tree with FUF, you can do the planting for $75. This is a great deal.

Read more about FUF on our blog at Urban Foresters

SF Bee Coalition’s Karen Peteros noted that SF Bee-cause was just founded this year. Please check out their website at www.sfbeecause.org. Karen is leading a number of bee keeping classes at the Hayes Valley Farm this year. Read Karen’s Bee article here. The honeybee keeping and honeybee outreach classes have just begun. For more information about Honey Beekeeping Classes coming to Hayes Valley Farm, please contact bees@hayesvalleyfarm.com, or call (415) 763-SOIL. Please contact Karen with questions at bees@hayesvalleyfarm.com

Jarie Bolander explained how there is a Bay to Breakers Task force. Nine neighborhood groups came together to make Bay to Breakers better. Jarie came to let people know how to get involved with the monitoring of the neighborhoods this year during Bay to Breakers on May 15th. The group needs help. Volunteer to be a neighborhood ambassador at this link to become a Neighborhood ambassador. You can read more about “Making Bay to Breakers Fun for Everyone” here: on the HVNA blog.
You can also read about the police sobriety tents here: Police Tents.

Public Safety Meeting next Monday at 7PM at the Korean American Center.

When Hayes Valley Farm compresses onto its smaller parcel, it will launch a massive campaign to get 49 urban farms or pieces of urban farms throughout the city.
Jay Rosenberg states that there are already thirteen urban farms in some capacity throughout the city. Watch the blog for details.

What Patricia’s Green at the Linden and Octavia intersection. On May 21st there will be a Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association Ham and Eggs Fire Fundraiser. Watch the blog for details.