Konrad on the Park at 971 Eddy St, San Francisco CA 94109

1 Studio at $1,228 a month
8 One-Bedrooms at $1,357 a month
2 Two-Bedrooms at $1,494 month.

Seven parking spaces available to BMR renters for an additional $100 a month and will be offered to households in lottery rank order. Must be income eligible and must not own a home. Households must earn no more than the maximum income levels below:

60% of Area Median Income

One person – $53,800
2 persons – $61,500
3 persons – $69,200
4 persons – $76,850
5 persons- $83,000

Applications must be received by 5pm on January 1, 2020. Apply online through DAHLIA, the SF Housing Portal at housing.sfgov.org.  Contact a housing counselor for assistance with your application: housing.sfgov.org/get-assistance. Please contact the Konrad on the Park leasing team for more information at 415-636-5097 or bmr@rentkonrad.com.

Units available through the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development and are subject to monitoring and other restrictions. Visit www.sfmohcd.org for housing preferences and program information.

BMR Apartments Available: 971 Eddy