Hayes Valley Art Works: Now & Then

Featured artists: Blane Asrat & Joseph JD Green

NOW & THEN reflects the cycles through which artists come of age in each generation. Blane Asrat and Joseph JD Green are rising San Francisco contemporary BIPOC artists, both with bold, evocative styles.

Blane Asrat came to San Francisco seven years ago from Texas, earning a degree from the Academy of Art. Her work explores the sensitivity of everyday experience, with a focus on emotional and narrative portraiture and figurative art, and each piece involves evocative multilayered imagery, often combining physical and digital process using oil, acryla-gouache, charcoal, and digital mediums. This layering of processes deepens the viewers connection to the artwork.

Joseph “JD” Green’s work demonstrates an eye for detail combined with a penchant for quick handwork. He creates preliminary sketches from source imagery found online or from his imagination, and the result of his unique and intricate mark making are stunning pieces with an internal energy and movement that belies their two dimensions.