Annual General Membership and Election Meeting

This will be our first in person general election since 2020. Please make sure your membership is up to date if you’d like to vote at the meeting.


  • HVNA 2023 Board Nominations Vote (See slate below)
  • By-laws fiscal year change Vote (See language change below)
  • Treasurer’s Financial Report
  • Trader Joe’s Update


2023 HVNA Board of Directors | Nomination Slate Bios

Recording Secretary | Trent Berry

Trent has lived in Hayes Valley for more than 20 years–the entire time he has lived in San Francisco! Trent is the founder and current co-administrator of the Hayes Valley Society Facebook page, soon to be in its 10th year and sporting over 1700 members. When not tirelessly evangelizing on behalf of the world’s greatest neighborhood, Trent leads a double life working for an investment management software firm and is the owner of Dreamrack Studios where he produces, engineers and mixes music for international artists as well as his own local projects. In his spare time, Trent serves as the President of the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra, operating out of the Herbst Theatre.

Corresponding Secretary | Jordon Wing

Jordon came to the Bay Area 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. After moving to SF, he quickly began volunteering as an advocate for housing, transit and safe streets. He worked with Supervisor Mandelman on last year’s A Place for All legislation and led a campaign to make outdoor dining permanent that was supported by many small businesses in our neighborhood. As a member of the Board, he’s been an active member of the Transportation and Planning committee and helped HVNA organize events. He hopes to continue working on making our streets safer and engaging more residents with their neighborhood through HVNA. You can usually find him at Mercury Cafe or riding his bike through the neighborhood.

Membership Secretary | David Robinson

David returned to Hayes Valley from Southern California in 2019. This is his second time living in the neighborhood after a brief stay in the 2000s and is glad to call Hayes Valley home once more. David’s career in private club management spans 35+ years, including a position at the St. Francis Yacht Club and most recently as General Manager at the San Francisco Yacht Club across the Bay in Belvedere. He now works with GSI Executive Recruiting, providing consultation and recruiting for the private club industry. His decades of involvement with volunteer organizations and private clubs have provided him with extensive experience in committee work, membership growth and marketing, board governance, and event management. Since joining the Association, he has participated in several HVNA events including the Food Bank program, the Hayes Valley Carnival, Marketplace, Holiday Stroll, and tree planting. He currently serves as co-chair of the Membership Committee.

Member at Large | Barbara Thompson

Barbara has lived in Hayes Valley for more than 55 years. Barbara retired from UCSF, School of Pharmacy after 31 years of service. At UCSF, she was Co-Founder of the UCSF Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Committee. She was honored by The American Heart Association as “Volunteer of the Year of the Greater Bay Area. She’s a community activist whose activities include: serving as a member of the SF Fire Department‘s NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team); three years as a member of the San Francisco Police Department’s ALERT (Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team) and working with the Harvey Milk Center and San Francisco Recreation and Parks. She’s also an active member of the African-American Art and Culture Complex; a community activist/advocate for the Freedom West Homes Co-op; a coordinator with the Neighborhood Baptist Church’s Healthy Cooking class. Neighborhood Baptist Church has been a pillar in our community for more than 73 years. Her goals include: planning and implementing events for our community to successfully utilize Buchanan Mall. She aspires to serve as an ambassador for event nights with our community and our professional sports, performing arts and lectures in the area, including those involving the Giants, Warriors, Davies Symphony Hall, the Nourse Theater, and others.

Member at Large | De’Anthony Jones

De’Anthony was born and raised in the Western Addition neighborhood. He currently works for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission in the Civil Rights Division and previously served as a Neighborhood Services Liaison with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services for the Mayor of San Francisco, the Honorable London N. Breed. He was also deployed as a Disaster Service Worker during the COVID-19 Pandemic, serving as Chief Equity Officer of the COVID Command Center. Prior to working for City Government, he served as a Teen Program Lead at Collective Impact at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center in the Western Addition, where he worked with children and youth in the community he grew up in. While at Collective Impact he served on the HVNA Board in 2018 and returns this year to represent Collective Impact again.

Associate Member | Vladimir Vlad

Vladimir grew up in Hayes Valley and attended French American International School as well as the San Francisco Ballet School. He has a background in architecture and urban design and is passionate about local transportation and planning issues within the neighborhood. He is an active member of HVNA’s Transportation & Planning committee.

Associate Member | Andrew Seigner

Andrew is a lifelong resident of California, twenty years in the bay, and the past seven in Hayes Valley. Andrew spent the last three years as an HVNA associate board member, where he’s been responsible for managing the website and Twitter account. His primary priority has been using these platforms to help inform and support equity in our community. Andrew is also a member of HVNA’s Transportation & Planning committee. He’s one of the many HVNA members who volunteered shifts to support the Shared Streets program on Hayes Street, opening up the street to people and bikes. Andrew’s primary goal this year will be to further modernize HVNA’s online communications and membership management, allowing members to more easily check the status of their memberships. Another goal is continuing HVNA’s work in promoting equity in our community, recognizing the historical context that Hayes Valley exists in. More info about Andrew:

Associate Member | Jason Henderson

Jason chairs HVNA’s Transportation and Planning Committee (T&P) and also serves on the city’s Market & Octavia Community Advisory Committee (MOCAC). He is a Professor in the department of Geography & Environment at SF State University and has studied and written about transportation politics in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Copenhagen. Jason’s primary modes of transport are cycling, walking, and public transit.

Associate Member | Madeline Howie

Madeline is a 7 year San Francisco resident & Hayes Valley neighbor since 2019. An Artivist Artrepreneur, also known by her burlesque persona RedBone, she began to investigate her radial impact upon our most recent uprising. She found HVNA and began the investigations. Since then Madeline has volunteered with Shared Spaces and Hayes Valley Art Works. With a deeply rooted family history in SF, she has a passion for San Francisco’s historic culture of enmeshed Art, Nightlife, & Social Justice.

Associate Member | Clinton Perry

Clinton Perry has lived in San Francisco for over 24 years arriving from the barrier islands of North Carolina to flourish in the world of professional image creation. With his work, Clinton strikes a balance between his intimate, personal photography and his collaborations with amazing creatives within advertising, commercial and lifestyle projects. He is a proud husband, father, drummer and dedicated skateboarder, living in Hayes Valley. He strives to help shape the community that we share with other caring and creative individuals of the Hayes Valley Community into a safe, thriving, and beautiful area for all to enjoy.

Associate Member | May Stearman

May is a non-profit arts professional for whom care and curiosity are guiding principles. May specializes in advocacy and community engagement for the San Francisco Symphony, and is passionate about connecting with fellow residents of San Francisco – Bay Area communities. Originally from the East Coast, May has lived in San Francisco for the better part of five years, and has no plans to leave anytime soon! May joins the board this year as the SF Symphony representative.

Associate Member | Carolyn Press Chatham

Carolyn is passionate about giving back to the Hayes Valley community, as she plans to stay in Hayes Valley with her family long-term. She has been a Board member of HVNA for the past two years, serving as the Membership Chair and actively engaging with community members by running the HVNA Instagram account. She has lived in Hayes Valley for four years, with her husband (Andrew), three kids (Truman, 4, Arden, 2, and Iris, 7 months), and dog (Pixel, 10 year old maltese poodle). She works at Bain & Company, managing a talent and career advisory program. She is also involved in a number of other local organizations, mostly within the arts and poverty alleviation spaces. As such, she is a member of the Board of Directors for Children of Shelters and Alonzo King LINES Ballet, part of the Leadership Council for Tipping Point Community, and the Junior Committee for the San Francisco Symphony.

Associate Member | Sarah Clusen Buecher

Sarah has lived in Hayes Valley for 25 years. She first became active in the neighborhood around the effort to tear down the central freeway and build Octavia Boulevard. She and her husband have two children who attended SF public schools Kinder – high school.

Board Members Beginning 2nd year of elected term
(Not up for election this year, bios provided for reference)President | Jen LaskaJen moved to San Francisco with her husband, Joe, in 2016. They quickly fell in love with Hayes Valley’s abundant performing arts venues and lively restaurant scene. Jennifer organized the Shared Streets program on Hayes Street, helped fundraise to install long term lights on the Hayes Street trees and recruited volunteers for several community projects. She looks forward to continuing these projects, continuing to meet more and more neighbors and continuing to work with the city on improving street cleanliness and homelessness in Hayes Valley. Jen is an avid baker in her spare time.

Vice President | Mats Andersson

Mats is a relatively new member of the Hayes Valley community. He moved to San Francisco in 2014 together with his wife Louise Fox (who grew up and studied in the Bay Area) after his retirement from the World Bank in Washington, DC as an urban development specialist. He is still a Swedish citizen and green card holder, but on his way to apply for US citizenship. Mats earned his MBA at the University of Minnesota in the early 1970s. He lived in Toronto, Canada during the 80s and early 90s, and in Beijing, China in the early 2000s. He is interested in urban development, city management, and engaging young people in the development of the community and its quality of life. He is a volunteer at the local food bank pantry once a week.

Treasurer | Jeff Drew

Jeff has lived on Lily Street since 2009 and has been involved in various neighborhood endeavors such as the Lily Street mural project. Originally from Michigan, Jeff holds a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Michigan State University and is a certified public accountant in California. He has worked for the San Francisco Department of Public Health for the past 8 years and is currently the budget manager for the City’s primary care clinics. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys tending his garden plot at Alchemy Community Garden, cooking, making ceramics at Sharon Art Studio, walking his dog, and biking around town.

Member at Large | Ben Zotto

Ben has been a resident of Hickory Street since 2014 and previously served on the HVNA Board for two terms as well as the Octavia Commemoration committee. He’s honored to assist with HVNA’s work in keeping our neighborhood welcoming for all, now and into the future. His interests include housing, architecture, and history and he has often served as one of HVNA’s de-facto historians. Ben works in technology with various other gigs in typography, local journalism, and electronics repair. His favorite donut at All Star Cafe is the cinnamon roll.

Member at Large | Dan Spaeth

Dan has lived in Hayes Valley for over 35 years. In this time he has seen the neighborhood go through many changes. The one consistent trend in all these changes is how Hayes Valley always felt like a real neighborhood. Neighbors working together, playing together and sometimes even arguing together, but always working towards a better Hayes Valley! His involvement in the community has grown substantially in the past few years and especially during the pandemic, working to keep the neighborhood a vibrant place to be. He also recognizes the need of the Merchant Association to work in tandem with the Neighborhood Association. And for that reason, he has welcomed joining the HVNA Board in that capacity.

Member at Large | Sarah Young

Sarah has enjoyed being involved with HVNA in the last 4 years and is so impressed with the other board members and the work they do for our community. Earl & Sarah have been living in Hayes Valley since 1992, and have seen so many changes over those almost 30 years! But recently, it has been great to get more involved with volunteering for work that makes a difference in the neighborhood.

Bylaws Vote Issue:

(1) Summary:
The bylaws state in 10.1 that the fiscal year end is the last day in February. They state in 6.6(b) that the treasurer is to provide a full report to the general membership at the annual meeting. 8(a) states that the annual meeting is in February.

Issue #1: It is impossible to prepare the financials for the annual February general membership meeting with the fiscal year ending in February

Issue #2: For the past several years, HVNA has been preparing its tax returns with fiscal year September through August. We are not sure why this was done in practice without the bylaws being changed.

Proposed change: Amend article 10.1 to reflect fiscal year September through August

(2) Bylaws in question

Duties of Officers

6.6 Treasurer

(b) The chief financial officer shall. . .compile a written, itemized statement showing all income, expenditures and obligations for a full report to the general membership at the annual meeting.


(a) Annual Meetings The Board of Directors shall organize an annual meeting of the General Membership in February of each year, unless the board fixes another date or time and so notifies the members as provided below.

10.1 The fiscal year of this organization shall be from March 1 through the last day of February.

(3) Proposed correction:

10.1 The fiscal year of this organization shall be from March September 1 through the last day of February August.