Annual Hayes Valley Ham & Eggs Breakfast

Featuring a firetruck, breakfast, coffee, neighbors, and fun! All ages (and dogs) are welcome.

Everyone knows about the April 1906 earthquake that brought San Francisco to its knees. But what Hayes Valley neighbors may not know is that it also nearly caused a ham & eggs breakfast to burn down the whole neighborhood. A woman made breakfast for her husband without realizing her chimney had collapsed in the earthquake. Without a chimney, her stove set fire to the roof—and with it most of the neighborhood east of Gough Street.

Thanks to the courage and work of the SFFD—and a conveniently placed pair of fire hydrants (dubbed the “Silver Twins”)—the neighborhood was saved!

To remember this important part of Hayes Valley history, we’re hosting a family-focused Ham & Eggs breakfast. Please join us!

Free event, donations appreciated.