HVNA Community Meeting

We’ll go over a few current topics which include:

6-7 pm – community potluck -bring an item to share

7-8:30 – meeting and conversation

  • Art and Homeless issues
  • Special speaker: Matthew Kowalski

    Multimedia artist Matthew Kowalski spent 27 years as a homeless, disenfranchised person. His artistic journey became his vehicle for self-expression and his path to taking a place in the community. He uses multiple techniques and incorporates found objects and other media to make the flat surface come alive. Matthew has authored two books about his experience, including Riding Shotgun Through a Hurricane: A Memoir of Addiction and Radical Recovery, a gripping memoir of his journey from gifted child to homeless in San Francisco to his recovery from addiction.   

    “Matt Kowalski’s story is a true ‘rags to riches’ of the spirit … Matt is one who ‘walks the talk’ as an inspiration and role model.” – David Kroziere, developer and cofounder of Art on Site.

    Matthew also works as an inspirational speaker, and as an addiction Recovery Coach and Addiction Specialist.

⚠️Note: only service dogs (w/ credentials on hand) are allowed at the Playground and Clubhouse during community meetings and other HVNA events