LevyDance Presents: An original work by resident artist Sean Gonzalez

MOTHERS&DAUGHTERS is an opportunity to heal from patriarchal structures, internalized misogyny, and generational trauma.

We’ve begun an exploration into womanhood, through our ancestral mothers and ourselves, and through womankind, with an emphasis on BIPOC womanhood. Our goal is to strengthen a sense of unity amongst women and woman-adjacent people–and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

This project is more than a production. It is a living being of our collective unconscious and it welcomes us all to explore new journeys and embrace diverse perspectives on womanhood. With this work, we promote healing, unity, and empowerment, wanting our audience to feel just as intertwined with the work as the creators.

Choreographed by and starring Sean Gonzalez and Monica Frangoul

Concept by Sean Gonzalez

Developed in collaboration with Monica Frangoul, Eteya Trinidad, and Lillian Pittman

Featuring the vocal talents of Sherman Christensen

Mentorship from Garance Marneur and Eric Garcia

Supported by LEVYDance, and the women in our lives