Outreach Walk with Project Homeless Connect

Join us for an outreach walk, training and debrief.

Project Homeless Connect will be doing an Outreach Walk, lasting about 3 hours, on November 30th at 2 pm. We will meet at the Project Homeless Connect office at 25 Van Ness for a training, do the outreach walk, and then return to debrief.
Anyone living in Hayes Valley is welcome to attend, so feel free to spread the word.
More background from Project Homeless Connect:
– The Outreach Walk will help engage our homeless neighbors. During the walk, we will be providing information about services as well as some essentials to those we meet.
– To cover the cost of what we hand out, PHC asks for a $35 / person donation. However, this is not a barrier to attend. Give what you can.
– The event is during a weekday since this is when the PHC staff is working.
– We decided to do this event to meet our task force’s goals, such as reaching out in compassion to our neighbors, letting them know we are concerned about them and quality of life in Hayes Valley, and gathering information we can share with city leaders about the state of homelessness in Hayes Valley.