Page Street Bikeway Improvements Pilot Open House and Public Hearing


Based on several years of engagement and outreach with the community, SFMTA is advancing an expanded proposal for an 18-month pilot project of circulation changes and bikeway upgrades using temporary materials. Project elements include:

  • Reduced vehicle traffic near John Muir Elementary School by prohibiting vehicles from entering eastbound Page Street at Webster Street
  • A protected downhill bikeway and an uphill bike lane on Page Street between Octavia Boulevard and Laguna Street by converting that block to one-way westbound only for vehicles
    • The uphill bike lane would extend 3 blocks from Octavia Boulevard to Webster Street
  • Further reduced vehicle traffic and conflicts on Page Street by prohibiting left-turns and westbound through-traffic at Octavia Boulevard
  • Support for transit on Haight Street by enhancing bus stop access and discouraging traffic from diverting to Haight Street during the day

All are welcome to attend this open house and public hearing event. No decision will be made at this public hearing. Please use this opportunity to learn more about the project and provide feedback. Your testimony, along with all written correspondence will be documented for the SFMTA Board of Directors.

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