Rally to Restore Muni Lines

Join us to demand full Muni Restoration of our Buses.

Join Transit Advocates and Community Members this Thursday, October 28 at 4pm at Grove and Van Ness, to demand that MTA Board adopt the Proposed February Restoration Plan and plan for full restoration!


Your activism has been working! The recent MTA draft proposal brings back some of the suspended lines and expands some routes. But coming together to support service restoration is as important as ever. We need to make sure the MTA board accepts the proposal to return lines, and make clear that we want full service restored at frequencies that serve riders. We know it can’t all happen at once, but our united voice for service restoration is essential.

The draft MTA plan released on Friday, October 22 includes updates to the following lines:

6 restored, but 20 min wait time
21 restored, but shorter (no market service) and 15 min wait time
2 restored, but shorter (no clement service)
43 restored to fort mason
10 restored, but shorter
12, 28 extended
The 3 and 47 still suspended
More 5/5R frequency

MTA’s 2022 Draft Muni Service Plan can be found here: https://www.sfmta.com/blog/plans-2022-muni-service-take-next-step

The rally will be an opportunity to celebrate the many muni riders, transit advocates, equity and green mobility activists, and transit operators, for speaking loudly and clearly about the need to restore service. Your voices, together with Supervisor Preston and Chan’s hearings, resolutions, and activism led to this restoration plan. Without the hard work of so many transit advocates, the return of these critical lines would not be happening.

There is still work to do, and to be clear, this is far from 100% restoration. Some lines will be shortened under this proposal, and frequency will be low on some of the newly restored lines. In addition, the draft restoration plan does not include Charter-mandated levels of service on our cable cars. We hope these are temporary issues, and that service on these lines and full routes will be restored in the next round of service expansions. That said, the proposed February 2022 plan is a major step in the right direction, bringing back key lines and expanding others.

We must continue to advocate for more transit funding and to grow our capacity to further expand Muni service in the months and years to come. We must also push the MTA to do everything possible to avoid the transit death spiral and incentivize the use of public transit. As we do so, we also need to recognize progress. The draft plan is not perfect, but it is a good starting point, and we should celebrate this progress toward restoring and expanding service.