Small Business Hearing

On Thursday, March 18 at 10 am, Supervisor Preston, Mandelman, Chan and Ronen will be holding a hearing on Small Business Rent Debt at the Government Audit and Oversight commission with the Office of Economic Workforce Development and the Office of Small Business.

Discussion includes:

  • The economic and neighborhood impacts of commercial landlords failure to grant rent relief during the COVID-19 pandemic,

  • City-provided legal resources or support services for small businesses engaging in commercial lease negotiations

  • Local tools to protect small businesses and encourage commercial landlords to grant rent relief

We are reaching out to small business owners to call in for public comment to share their stories about rent debt.

City Hall needs to hear from the small business community and this is your opportunity to share your story on:

  • Any outstanding rent debt that you have

  • Your experiences negotiating back rent with your landlord

  • Landlords that have stepped up and partnered with small businesses to waive back rent debt

Your voice and your experiences will help guide elected officials to craft legislation and push departments to create programs that support small business rent debt.

The small business hearing on rent debt is item number 1 on the agenda. You can find the agenda here.

Here is the information to watch the meeting and to call in for public comment:

WATCH SF Cable Channel 26, 78 or 99 (depending on provider) WATCH

PUBLIC COMMENT CALL-IN 1 (415) 655-0001 / Meeting ID: 187 333 9471

Small Business Hearing flyer