Fifty Years at the International School

By Jane Camblin, Head of School, French American International School

French American International School is 50 years old. Over the February 10th-11th weekend, we celebrated our history and bright future with great pride showcasing inspiring presentations by students at the Conservatory of Music, i-Speak thought leaders at the Castro Theatre, and a nostalgic Treasure Hunt through Hayes Valley—the home of our campuses for over 45 years.

As alive and vibrant today as in 1962, our enduring mission is a true homage to the audacity, perseverance and imagination of our founders, who remarkably overcame great odds, with few resources, to establish a small bilingual school of 23 students all those years ago. Today, no longer regarded as an eccentric experiment in bilingual education, we number 1008 students from 56 countries, in Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Furthermore, our reputation as a world-class, highly accredited international educational institution is firmly established at home and abroad. The celebration of our many achievements, in fact, honored the vision, hard work, and courage of the innumerable and dedicated Trustees, parents, faculty, staff and alumni over the past half-century.

While taking a poignant look back and reconnecting with old friends, many of whom joined us from far and wide, we also looked ahead, to celebrate the exciting and ever-evolving future for our school. With new research and information about how students learn, with access to so many new technologies unimaginable 50 years ago, and with exciting and innovative teaching methodologies at our disposition, French American International School and its International High School are uniquely positioned to take the lead in 21st century education.

Please join us as we commemorate our students past, present and future in our yearlong celebration of 50 years of international education.
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