Finally!!! Patricia’s Green Will Be Green Again


San Francisco Rec & Park district manager, Steven Cismowski, has told the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association that the irrigation system at Patricia’s Green, not functioning since end of 2014, is now operational, and the reseeding of the two turf sections will begin Thursday, July 23rd. A green space will return to Patricia’s Green.

Recently known as the “Brown” instead of the Green, the turf sections have not been watered for over 6 months. Cismowski advised that during the reseeding time, both sections will be fenced off at the same time to protect the seedlings. It will be at least 6 weeks before the protective fences can be removed. By reseeding both sections at once, the “down” time of the Green will be shorter. Please be patient and respect the fences while this important reseeding process continues.

With the drought conditions, he noted that his department will continue to monitor water use. He acknowledged the need for green space in such a dense urban area. It is hoped that users of the Green will be respectful of the new turf, and will allow all to enjoy this space. Patricia’s Green is one of the most popular urban green spaces in the city. It’s Hayes Valley’s community living room. Wait a little longer, and enjoy again.