Follow Those Greens!

By Booka Alon and Project Open Hand

Our number one question at the farm is, “where does your food go?” We are proud to share this story by Project Open Hand, that gives a little insight about the distribution of what we are growing at Hayes Valley Farm.

Project Open Hand is a local non-profit organization providing nutritional support to people living with HIV, serious illness and the elderly. Our goal at POH is to feed the body, mind and soul, through healthy meals, groceries and nutritional information, all delivered with love by our dedicated staff and volunteers. Project Open Hand is a huge fan of the Hayes Valley Farm. We are not only inspired by the urban organic and sustainable permaculture but incredibly grateful for the 25-pound donation of delicious produce that is collected from the farm each week to help support our Breast Cancer program. We strive to provide every client with the most nutritious & quality products, for which Hayes Valley Farm is among the most excellent of sources!

Project Open Hand started receiving produce from the farm in April, 2011, and it has quickly become a weekly favorite among our clients. When the delivery from Hayes Valley Farm is received, opening each produce box feels like uncovering hidden treasure! The produce is an array of varying delights: arugula flowers, different squashes, campari tomatoes, russian kale – you name it. No matter how varied the harvest may be, every single item is guaranteed to be delicious. Our staff and volunteers bag a medley of the fruit and vegetables in individual portions where it is then offered in our Grocery Center. The Grocery Center is a program developed for our clients to select from a menu of choices from each food group consisting of produce, proteins, dairy, grains, legumes and beverages. The selected items in a grocery bag at POH total 1/3 of one’s nutritional requirements for the week. Good nutrition can help an individual stay stronger and lead a healthier life and farm-fresh produce, free of chemicals and grown with love, is excellent nourishment.