Hayes Valley Tree Removal – Bureau of Forestry Update

Latest update from Bureau of Forestry:

I’d like to just clarify a few points about timing.  Although the notices say “30 day tree removal” notice, they are intended to provide 30 days notification and appeal opportunity, not to indicate that the removals will happen in 30 days.  Basically, the time to notify and hold hearings can take several months, and so we need to start early to be sure that when the contractors are ready to move into the area, the workscope is clear and we’ve met all our public notification requirements.

The tree removal hearing will be scheduled (if necessary) sometime after the 30-day posting ends.  They are held monthly, and the timing of the hearing will depend on when the postings end, and other cases that may be scheduled for hearing.

Additionally, these are not the only trees potentially slated for removal.  This was the first round of inspections.   There will be additional inspections in the Hayes Valley area, and potentially other trees will be posted.  This is why we wanted to give folks a head’s up at the neighborhood meeting.  Our arborist inspectors are assessing trees in advance of our contractors starting work in the neighborhoods.   We need to assess and post trees early so that if we have to go to public hearings, we can do that and provide the contractors with a clear list of trees to be removed. The actual removal work will not take place right away, but when the contractors move into this area we can give folks a head’s up.

We fully agree that replacing trees in major corridors is essential.  We would love to work with you and the merchants on watering adoption, as that is the most costly part of the replacement program.