Holistic Health and Wellness Fair

By Bob Barnwell

AgeSong, a business for 15 years in Hayes Valley, will host the Holistic Health and Wellness Fair in Hayes Valley on May 14th from 11 AM to 3 PM at the 600 block of Laguna. Holistic medicine, an alternative and natural wellness approach to healing, will be featured in the many workshops planned for the day. Presentations will range from meditation/stress reduction techniques, to the benefits of music therapy, to diet and lifestyle choices. The community is invited to join community groups and businesses including: Live Fit, the Original Hayes and Kebabs, Nabila’s, Hayes Vallley Neighborhood Assciation, Hayes Valley Farm, American Bone Health, Care Practice, Nutridel plus others that will join AgeSong for this special wellness day celebrating health, joy and vibrance.

AgeSong, a HVNA member, has two locations on Laguna. Laguna Grove and Hayes Valley are the flagships of the AgeSong Institute. These locations serve up to 95 residents with over 100 employees. Other AgeSongs are located in the East Bay. AgeSong’s elder care uses acupuncture, nutrition therapy, massage therapy and yoga to promote health and wellness in their residents. Join us on the 14th to learn how to get healthy and be well. For more information about AgeSong or the Holistic Health and Wellness Fair call 415-318-8670 or e-mail sfevents@agesong.com