Issues bought up at the May 26th community meeting summarized here


At our May 26th Thursday membership meeting, we asked our community to voice their points of view about our neighborhood. I promised to summarize the information and post to the blog. Here is the list. Thank you all who came to make yourselves known, and we will be working on several of the reoccurring themes that continue to appear, particularly traffic laws enforcement:

a. Blocking the intersection box
b. Honking
c. Blocking crosswalks
d. Speeding, driving in wrong direction on neighborhood side streets such as Laguna, Buchanan, Webster between Haight and Fulton Streets in the effort to get onto Oak St to the Octavia Blvd. or to get onto Fell St.
e. Both cyclists and car drivers need to be more aware of hazardous riding/driving especially at intersections.
f. John Muir Elementary School at Webster/Oak/Page is extremely hazardous during morning commute and mid-afternoon pickup

2. Double-parked cars on Hayes Street, particularly in front of Paxti’s and Souvla, as drivers wait for food deliveries. Wait on east and east directions of Hayes Street. Hazardous for cyclists, pedestrians, and delays bus route.

3. Oak Street at Gough: double-parking at the restaurants there

4. Octavia between Hayes and Grove Streets—double-parking often especially in front of restaurants during the day.

5. PED crossing button doesn’t seem to work at the SW corner of Octavia & Oak

6. Fell Street at Gough: left turn onto east-bound Fell St when during the rush hour time when no parking on east side of Gough. Left-turning drivers are careless and dangerous for pedestrians. Many are parents picking up children from Chinese- and French-American Schools.

1. GPS apps that encourage the use of small side streets—Is there a way to work with app developers to block certain urban, high-density areas from small side street alternatives that cannot handle the traffic?
2. Publicize alternative arterial street names.
3. No right turns on red light in SF.
4. Add red light delay to allow for blocked intersections to clear and pedestrians to get a head start.
1. Patricia’s Green-more pressure as Alamo Square is closed for 1.5 years.
a. Dogs kept on a leash. Not a dog run.
b. Dog-free

2. Hayes Street commercial district tree wells upgraded for safety

3. What is the status of the 2 parklets approved for Hayes Street (for Souvla and Public Bike)?


1. More participation—pay attention to the wonderful art-filled happy place!!