John Muir Elementary School needs help getting a new playground

Dear Neighbors of John Muir Elementary School,

The preschool special education and general education student at John Muir Elementary School do not have a play structure; children run out and play on a bare patch of asphalt surrounded by chain link fence. We’re one of the only schools in San Francisco without a play structure!  Read more at our website:

Muir ES is in the Pepsi Refresh Contest, and if we’re one of the top 15 vote recipients between September 1-30, we’ll win $20,000 to win a playground, but we need your help!  We need everyone to vote every day for us-votes are cumulative through the month, so every vote counts!  We need daily votes- 100,000 votes by the end of the month in order to win! Here’s how you can help:

*  Vote via facebook:  go to< and log-in using facebook.  Vote every day!

*  Vote with a Pepsi Refresh account:  go to< and create a Pepsi account.  Vote every day!

*  Vote via text!  Text  message the code 108702 to this number: 73774 every day!

*  Or…do all three, every day!  Every vote counts!

*  You can also enter codes on specially marked Pepsi bottles (“Refresh Everything” with a yellow cap) to win up to 100 extra votes!

*  Share with friends, students’ parents, other teachers, and ask them to support us as well.

Thank you so much for your support! Please share with your organizations, networks, colleagues, friends, neighbors and families! Thank you!!

Jo Mestelle – Community School Coordinator @ John Muir Elementary
380 Webster Street, San Francisco, CA 94117