Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2021

“The Negro also had to recognize that one hundred years after emancipation he lived on a lonely island of economic insecurity in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. Negroes are still at the bottom of the economic ladder. They live within concentric circles of segregation. One imprisons them on the basis of color, while the other confines them within a separate culture of poverty. The average Negro is born into want and deprivation. His struggle to escape his circumstances is hindered by color discrimination. He is deprived of normal education and normal social and economic opportunities. When he seeks opportunity, he is told, in effect, to lift himself by his own bootstraps, advice which does not take into account the fact that he is barefoot.”

Martin Luther King Jr., 1963, Why We Can’t Wait, pg. 23


We honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by giving back to our community. One way to do so is a donation to Collective Impact:

Martin Luther King Jr at a press conference on June 8, 1964
King at a press conference on June 8, 1964