President’s Column from the Feb/March Voice

By Karen Mauney-Brodek

It has been a big year for Hayes Valley and the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association. We have seen the re-opening of the Hayes Valley Playground, many new businesses come into the neighborhood, development projects that have been on hold spring back to life, and the continuation of all of our efforts to improve Hayes Valley for the residents, families and businesses that call it home.

THANK YOU to all of you that have renewed your membership and support of this organization. Your contributions allow us to produce our newsletters and flyers which reach thousands of neighbors, have a strong voice for positive change for our neighborhood, and make important local financial contributions such as to the art in Patricia’s Green.

At our February neighborhood association meeting, to be held on February 23rd, at 7pm we will be holding our annual board election and voting on a few important proposed HVNA bylaw revisions. It will be held at the Hayes Valley Playground Clubhouse, located in the Hayes Valley Playground at the corner of Hayes and Buchanan Street. Your vote is important and we hope you attend. You will need to be a current voting member to in order to vote – but – great news and very easy – you can renew at the meeting with a check or cash! We have very affordable membership options, starting at only $25 per year for an individual or $15 for limited income members.

Our nominations committee has provided a strong slate of candidates for the HNVA 2012-2013 Board term for your review. In addition, we have three other items for your consideration and vote.

First, we are proposing to slightly enlarge the geographic boundaries of the organization. Over the years, we have had interest, support and sometimes contributions to the organization from neighbors who live or work in blocks which officially fall outside the organization’s boundaries as described in the current bylaws.

Second, we are proposing to amend the term of the membership year to be twelve months from the time the member joins, at any point in the year. This will allow us to more easily track membership renewals and membership standing.

Lastly, we are proposing to change the organization’s fiscal year to better align with the board of directors’ term. This will provide for a more seamless transition between the in-coming and out-going treasurers.

The board and I believe these bylaw revisions will greatly improve the ability of HVNA to serve its members.

Come on February 23rd, vote and let’s start work on next year!