Seed-to-Mouth Cooking Class Update

By Nora Brereton

In October 2010 CommunityGrows began a year-long Seed-to-Mouth cooking program at Margaret Hayward Recreation Center at Golden Gate and Laguna on Monday afternoons. The students who come for the after-school programs have been making great food every week while learning about nutrition, healthy eating and how to make fresh vegetarian meals. Some of the recipes that the students have learned how to make include vegetable soup, biscuits and greens, vegetarian sushi, homemade pasta and wild mushroom pizza.

We are fortunate to have hired a talented cooking instructor, Adrian Gaino, who teaches the Seed-to-Mouth classes. We also hired our after-school garden educator, Clidell Jackson III. We also have two dedicated volunteers Ashante Smith and Abby Winship who are crucial to the success of the classes.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Seed-to-Mouth Cooking Class, or any of our other classes in the garden, please contact Nora Brereton, Programs Manager at 415-424-5770, or at