How to Report An Unregistered Short Term Rental

Not sure what to do about a Short Term Rental on your street. Need some guidance? Have some questions?

Read on for some helpful tips.






Our neighborhood is learning how to work with both Airbnb and the new San Francisco Office of Short-Term Rentals (launched Feb., 2015 and organized to operate at the end of 2015). Both organizations promise to work toward registering all short-term rentals to follow the law in San Francisco.

“With a valid Short-Term Residential Rental Registration you may rent your primary residential unit for periods of less than 30 nights without violating the requirements of the City’s Residential Unit Conversion and Demolition Ordinance (Administrative Code Chapter 41A) or the Planning Code. This includes renting a portion or your entire unit while you are also present for an unlimited number of nights per year and renting a portion or your entire unit while you are not present for a maximum of 90 nights per year.”


  1. NO HOST RENTAL: means the owner or legal renter of the property (with permission from the homeowners association if a condo or landlord if rented) is not present on the site. The unit is rented and there is no oversight of those short-term renters. 90 night maximum per year allowed.
  1. HOSTED RENTAL: owner or legal renter of the property is present in the unit and renting some portion of the space for short-term rental (requires permission from the landlord; condo owner must check with the HOA requirements). There is oversight of those short-term renters.


  1. Identify the address and hopefully the exact unit/s involved. Be as specific as possible as to the location of the unit.
  1. Document what has led you to believe it is an unregistered short-term rental: people coming and going with luggage, noting times, day and night; try to get photos; talk to those who seem to be staying there and gather information from them. Be courteous.
  1. Detailed information is key!! Report #1 & #2 above to: 415-575-9179 (can be anonymous) and/or email your information to:
  1. You can also cc a copy to


*This info is also listed under our Resources Page as well in PDF form.