Support HVNA’s Effort to Block Kit and Ace in Hayes Valley – Voice Your Concern & Sign the Petition Online

Over the course of the last 25 years, Hayes Valley has grown into a thriving neighborhood thanks to the businesses and residents who came here, stayed here, and worked tirelessly to create the vibrant neighborhood culture that remains unique even in a city like San Francisco.

The small businesses here have always been just that — small and dedicated to serving the immediate community and the local economy instead of a corporate ladder. This devotion has kept our neighborhood special, and that remarkable characteristic is being threatened with the potential addition of Kit & Ace. Thumbing their nose at the spirit of the law that has kept our neighborhood locally-focused, the luxury clothing line founded by Shannon Wilson, the wife of Lululemon creator Chip Wilson, is planning on having 50 locations by the end of 2015.

Formula retail stores are not welcome in our Hayes Valley and we are calling upon our small business community, our residents, and customers to say no to this threat to the integrity and character of our neighborhood. Please sign and share our petition calling upon the San Francisco Planning Commission to support our community and revoke the permit to operate improperly granted to Kit and Ace for their planned location in Hayes Valley at 371 Hayes Street.

By signing this petition, you show your commitment to helping Hayes Valley retain its unique and diverse identity.