Two Green Sanctuaries in Hayes Valley

Green space is prized in Hayes Valley. Popular Patricia’s Green is just that, green.

You love to be around green growing plants: potted plants at home, a window garden, on the steps, or a little space that is shaded or in the sun. If that’s not possible, just walk in the neighborhood to take in the beautiful gardens that are there for all to see. There are two wonderful green spaces to keep on your list to visit:

See the Community Gardens inside the Alchemy Apartments, unlocked gates at the SW corner of Haight and Laguna (one entrance on each street). It’s open to the public during daylight hours. There are garden plots available to neighbors (the waiting list is long, but get on the list anyway), yet enjoying the fruit trees (plum and lemon) are there for you. No permission is needed, and there is ADA access to the garden’s western side on Haight Street. Bring a picnic snack.

Enjoy the Hayes Valley Playground, (corner of Hayes at Buchanan) which also includes two beautiful gardens: The Hayes Valley Flower Gardens and Farmlet (veggies). When the community envisioned the gardens, we didn’t imagine the dedicated volunteers who have made these gardens our jewels in the community. When we planned the new space, the neighborhood kids insisted on flower gardens and a vegetable garden, with a small green lawn. They are all there for you to enjoy. Of course, if you’d like to support or volunteer in the garden email

The Flower Gardens, with volunteer Kien’s dedicated work, have become a treasure, most recently filled with vintage roses, hollyhocks, and more. You can see the labels in the garden to identify the roses. The Flower Gardens extend into the Buchanan sidewalk and Linden Street.

You don’t need a child to visit the Gardens in the Playground area. They are there for all to enjoy.

By Gail Baugh

Community Garden, Laguna entrance


Plum trees


Raised beds for individual gardens