What We Take For Granted

If you are reading this, you have a computer or web enabled device, access to the Internet, and the skills to know how to use them. Have you ever thought about what your life would be like without any of these skills and resources?

The people that Community Technology Network (CTN) serves know first hand how difficult life is without the skills and resources of our wired society.

CTN trains hundreds of volunteers to go out into our communities to provide hands-on computer and Internet instruction for our under-educated and ever growing low-income and marginalized Bay Area neighbors. Our volunteers engage learners in a small class setting that allows for one-on-one individualized assistance – the kind of attention that adult learners benefit the most from. Our volunteer’s change lives!

Each CTN volunteer has an assortment of amazing stories about a learner who now has computer skills, online access and the confidence to find online health resources, state or federal assistance, long lost family members, and can benefit from the amazing online resources we use every day.

Arielle is one of our volunteers that works at the Tenderloin Tech Lab, in the heart of the notorious Tenderloin district of San Francisco, here is one of her stories.

“During my Introduction to Facebook class, I worked with a middle-aged man through the entire process. I guided him through each profile page and brainstormed about what might be appropriate to include or exclude. I also helped him set-up the privacy settings that he felt most comfortable with. He had recently quit smoking and was inspired to share his success with the hope that it would encourage others to quit.

He was so appreciative of my advice – he said that no one had ever explained it to him in a way that made sense.

It was a moving experience to know that I could help someone reconnect with friends and family, locate professional groups and local resources – and all he really needed was some direction and basic computing skills to help him achieve his goals. I found that working with CTN learners has helped me gain profound insight into the obstacles people face in our modern world – obstacles that we take for granted.”
Don’t take your skills and resources for granted by making a gift to CTN. Your gift helps us recruit, train and support volunteers like Arielle. Your gift to CTN makes a real difference in the lives of so many. Click here  to join us in our efforts.

Kami Griiffiths
Community Technology Network
Executive Director