21- Hayes Bus: Improved Service

By Bob Barnwell

There was a campaign late last year to increase the number of buses during the morning commute on the #21 bus line.  The buses are so overcrowded that once they reach Hayes Valley, they are too full to stop and allow more passengers to get on the bus at stops within Hayes Valley frustrating commuters.  Flyers were passed out to encourage riders to call or go on-line to the SFMTA and complain about the overcrowded buses.  The HVNA Transportation and Planning Committee sent a letter to the SFMTA Board of Directors and in mid-December four HVNA members met with the Director of Operations–Transit Services, Davide Puglisi, to discuss the situation.  On February 3rd we learned that MUNI will be increasing the number of buses in early March for the morning commute.  This was a team effort and shows we can make things happen with the city agencies that are important to the quality of life in Hayes Valley.