5/26/11 Meeting recap

The Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association hosted a meeting focused on walking and biking around the neighborhood and beyond.

Walk San Francisco
Elizabeth Stampe is executive director of Walk San Francisco – a pedestrian advocacy group. She spoke about situations facing San Francisco’s pedestrians on our streets, Walk SF’s current campaigns, and citywide efforts underway to make it safer, easier, and perhaps even more fun to walk in our city.

San Francisco Bike Coalition
Neal Patel of SF Bike Coalition discussed Connecting the City –  the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s vision for biking in the city.  There is a growing demand for biking in San Francisco, and Connecting the City will help Hayes Valley residents and workers get around the city by bike as well as bring more people to the neighborhood for work, to dine, or to go shopping.  He discussed current efforts to improve Market Street.

Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

John Lowell, member of the Pedestrian Safety , will review the 2010 Pedestrian Safety Report prepared by the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. John will provide handouts with information about PSAC, a directory of pedestrian safety offices within city government as well as nonprofit pedestrian safety groups and information about District 5 and the city as a whole including the Mayor’s Executive Directive on Pedestrian Safety 10-03, issued on 12-20-2010.