555 Fulton – Grocery Store Update

The San Francisco Chronicle recently put out a post that provides a good update on the Grocery store and condo development delays at 555 Fulton.

“City officials say that some of the delays have been caused by the developer, Fulton Street Ventures, a subsidiary of the giant Chinese builder R&F Properties, redesigning aspects of the project midstream, without city permission, after it had been approved.

Approximately 30 of the 80 condo buyers who signed up for units have walked away from their contracts because the project is so far behind schedule, according to market sources.

Ordinarily, such delays would just be a mild inconvenience to neighboring residents, who have to live with the noise and lost parking spots during construction. But in the case of 555 Fulton, the holdup means postponement of something the neighborhood has long coveted: a full-service grocery store.”

Read the entire post on San Francisco Chronicle here.