Community meeting with Police Chief – recap

We had a great discussion at the Community meeting last night (3/22/12)
with Police Chief: Greg Suhr and Captain of Northern Police Station: Ann Mannix.

Photo of Chief Suhr

A few tips we learned from our discussion last night:

-Chief Suhr has a strong belief in community policing in Hayes Valley, Western Addition and Lower Haight

-Crime is down. This is because everyone is working hard together – communities and police and non-profits. Best way to keep our area safe is to provide great activities for youth and to give them hope about their future.

-Work with police to connect with youth that need mentorships and internships. Youth need jobs and skills to get excited about their future in the workforce and in the community as adults.

-What to do when you observe crimes in city parks and public areas?

If you are observing a crime taking place – please call 911.
If you have observed an ongoing problem, please email or call Northern Police Station
(415) 614-3400

Emergency, dial: 911
Non-emergency, dial: (415) 553-0123
TIP LINE: (415) 392-2623

SF SAFE (San Francisco SAFE, Inc. (Safety Awareness for Everyone) is a non-profit organization that guides residents, business owners, and community members to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.) is working to address recycling/trash scavenging in the city. If you want to join a task force to address underground scavenging of trash please contact Troy at: 553-1968

SF Department of Emergency Management: Jim Turner

Tip: Get to know your neighbors so that you can help to each other in emergency situations great and small.

Some great links:

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