Curiosity, Creativity and Connection

by Bob Barnwell

We have a lot of unique businesses in our area, one of the newest being Seesaw. Located at 600 Octavia Street at Grove, Seesaw is a cafe, play studio and shop, that hosts workshops for children. This is a place where parents or guardians can bring children, aged four to ten, to a workshop, while the adults sit back and relax or work at the cafe that features coffee, tea, juices, cookies and free WiFi. The cafe will soon serve espresso and sandwiches.

There is a full schedule of workshops, headlined by “learning to think socially,” “learning to build friendships” and “learning practical manners and etiquette.” There are also workshops in art, music, sign language and parent education. Adults can bring their children just to the play area while they enjoy the cafe space. Seesaw also features free entertainment programs such as international story telling, puppet shows and rock-n-roll shows.

Founder Dr. Sabrina Gabel used to be a school psychologist but wanted to start her own business. She and husband Niels loved living in San Francisco but felt that the one thing that was missing was a place were both kids and grown-ups could have a good time. She hopes that future programs will include potty training, Italian language classes, and Tree Frog Treks for the kids and art openings and wine tastings for the grown-ups. Non-profit youth groups in Hayes Valley and the Western Addition are connecting with Seesaw to take part in the programming. For more information contact Sabrina at 415-553-8070 or check out the website