HVNA Community Meeting

We’ll go over a few current topics which include:


  • Current neighborhood updates …including update on Tree Removals
  • Discussion and Q&A on ‘Octavia Open Street Project’. Mark Dreger and Casey Hildreth from SFMTA will discuss and answer questions about the proposal to close Octavia b/w Linden and Hayes to vehicular traffic.
  • Get to know your neighbors session!  Remember show and tell? Bring to the meeting an object that is meaningful to you – it can be a photograph, your child’s favorite toy, a candy bar you love, anything! Each neighbor who wants to will share the story behind that object and what it means to them. You can also come just as a learner and ask questions about others’ stories. We look forward to meeting you.

⚠️Note: only service dogs (w/ credentials on hand) are allowed at the Playground and Clubhouse during community meetings and other HVNA events