Reimagining Community: Arts, Healing and Justice with Dr. Denise Boston

MegaBlack SF

MARCH 18, MARCH 25, APRIL 1, 2021

In this three-part series, Dr. Denise Boston shares her vision for integrating arts, social justice, and culture into community engagement as a way to address racial trauma and restore collective healing.

Art has power and restoration when it meets people where they are; it has the power to heal and reaffirm. At a time when we feel most divided and suspicious of one another, we need to reconcile with, and heal from, the multitude of inequities accrued from a deadly pandemic and injustices embedded in social and institutional structures.

Our social justice will be our social healing. In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to center their own wellness while learning how to apply art as an agent of healing-centered social justice.

Dr. Denise Boston is a powerful, transformative, and cultural-centered educator and speaker who believes that arts-based social justice healing is social justice. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Denise is an expressive arts practitioner and psychology professor, equity executive, and national and international lecturer in healing-centered social change. Her work emphasizes individual well-being as a catalyst for positive community empowerment. As a Registered Drama Therapist, she specializes in community and organizational transformation. Through her trauma-informed consulting, writings, podcasts, workshops, or retreats, Dr. Boston emboldens participants to be creative proponents for positive social change and cultural transformation.

This event is brought to you in partnership with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and Dream Keeper Initiative.

Gift cards and certificates to participants who attend all three sessions.

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Dr Denise Brown
Dr. Denise Boston, Walden University VP of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity