General Meeting Recap 2/24/11

Last night the new Hayes Valley Board of Directors was elected. Below is the list of 2011 Board of Directors:

President: Karen Mauney-Brodek
Vice President: Murrey Nelson
Treasurer: Richard Johnson
Corresponding Secretary: Jason Henderson
Secretary: Jay Rosenberg
Membership: Bob Barnwell

Member-At-Large: Bill Bulkley
Member-At-Large: Henry Ostendorf
Member-At-Large: Kassim Visram
Member-At-Large: Nathan Lozier
Associate Member: Lauren Daley
Associate Member: Jessie Allen-Young
Associate Member: Larry Cronander

Continuing Terms:
Member-At-Large: Aaron Hulme
Associate Member: Vladimir Vlad
Associate Member: Jamie Lopez

Other items discussed:

Volunteers needed: Neil Hrushowy of the SF Planning Department came to ask for volunteers for the “Public Life, Public Space” study of Market Street. If you would like to get involved in this survey of Market Street, which is part of the Better Market Street Project, Contact Neil at: 558-6474 or email Neil to volunteer. The department needs volunteers on March 10th and March 12th. If you volunteer you will be trained in street observations by Gehl Architects of Copenhagen, Denmark on March 9th. This is a unique opportunity to complete observations of existing conditions that will help guide the future improvements of Market Street to help it become a world class urban street full of activities that make the street feel alive for pedestrian, cyclist, transit riders and all. Neil noted that SF is a Transit First City and we need to shape public space accordingly.

Robert Reed from REcology/Sunset Scavenger’s came to present some of the services they provide. According to Reed, in 2010, San Francisco was able to divert 77% of the waste we generate away from landfills into compost piles, reuse projects and recycling. Reed noted that REcology has a bid in for the landfilling San Francisco waste. You can view their proposal here: The SF Board of Supervisors will be evaluating the proposals further in the coming months.

Recology hosts Art at the Dump, and also has tours of the facilities once a month. For more information contact: Deborah Munk, director of the artist-in-residence program: 415-330-1415

Also, if you are a tenant and not a building owner, you are allowed to call Sunset Scavenger’s once a year for a large item pick-up. For more information on large items look at

Here are more Help Tips on Recycling and Waste Removal for SF Residents

David Winslow presented an update on the Living Linden Alley Project. He talked briefly about some of the lessons he learned in the process. Next month marks the five-year anniversary of the Living Linden Alley receiving the Community Challenge Grant and the beginning of a whole set of challenges in coordinating various organizations and neighbors. Winslow remarked at how he thought making a livable, pedestrian friendly, street would be simple, but it turned out to be anything but. This project is a landmark for the future of people-oriented urban design in San Francisco. Contact him with questions at: david

Noah from Opportunity Impact came to introduce himself to the community. Look for him and the youth in his program next week at the Hayes Valley Playground as they help the artist Laurel True install her mosaics.

Daniel Farnan and Maria McDonald, our NERT representatives, came to remind us to check our emergency preparedness kits.
visit for more information on free preparedness training and events.