HVNA President’s Column April May 2012

By Murrey Nelson

I am fortunate enough to both live and work in Hayes Valley. When I first started working at the Conservatory three years ago, I experimented with various routes from home to work, ultimately realizing that the shortest route was the best one for someone who really enjoys those extra five minutes of sleep. I am by nature a fast walker, so don’t always stop to smell the proverbial roses, or notice what is new. Because of my quick commute, I try to take a little walk around the ‘hood every few days during lunch or after work, to see what’s new and what is going on.

Being on crutches for the last several weeks following foot surgery, has slowed me down considerably on all walks, and I have memorized every piece of broken sidewalk and uneven asphalt between the first block of Waller and the first block of Oak. That is the downside of having to watch carefully where you put your feet each time you take a step. The upside is that I have gotten to experience the kindness and courteousness of many neighbors who have held doors for me, offered to carry my parcels, or just joked with me about how I injured my foot. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in the details of our day, to-do-lists, and errands, speeding around on auto-pilot, without noticing our environment. As someone who has been forced to slow down, I encourage you to do same and enjoy the vibrant neighborhood life of Hayes Valley.

I also encourage you to participate in the wealth of activities in which the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association is involved. As neighbors, we all have concerns about Public Safety and Transportation and Planning. We have committees for those! We are also curious about Art, Culture and Entertainment and Communications. We have committees for those too! We wonder what community projects we might get involved with. We…..you get the picture. My point is that there are many ways for us all to engage in the constant improvement of our neighborhood. For details and information about the various committees that meet regularly in the neighborhood, and how you can join, please see the calendar in this newsletter and/or visit www.hvnatransfer2.wpengine.com.

Most of all, we want to hear from you with your concerns and questions. Many board members may be reached at the email addresses listed here. It was great to see you all at the Ham & Eggs Fire Breakfast on April 21st, at the Biergarten near Patricia’s Green. I hope to see you walking around the neighborhood. Happy Spring!