Lower Haight ArtWalk in August

by Thea Selby

On Saturday August 6th, The Lower Haight Merchant + Neighbor Association (LoHaMNA) is trying a different tack for their successful Lower Haight ArtWalks. For the first time ever, LoHaMNA’s ArtWalk team, led by Lower Hater gallery owner Janice Myint, will be shooting for a day-time event for their Lower Haight ArtWalk. “We wanted to try a Saturday day, block off a small side street, and make it more inviting for kids and families.” said ArtWalk Chair Myint. In addition to the usual discounts from local merchants, rounds of art making on the street, and foodcarts from local restaurants and small vendors, the Lower Haight Summer ArtWalk will feature local artists on hand to work with kids on their own stretched canvasses as well as space for music on Steiner Street between Fillmore and Waller. “This is a great addition to our super successful ArtWalks,” said LoHaMNA President Thea Selby. “It should pull in a daytime crowd that will get to know the little known facts about the Lower Haight, like the fact that we have as many independent clothing stores as we do pubs. Little gems like Aline’s on Pierce and Waller, and Merch on the 600 block of Haight, and Revolver on Fillmore at Laussat, for example.”

Mark your calendars for Saturday August 6th from 12-4pm and pick up a postcard to get your discounts from the stores in the Lower Haight. For more information, please contact Janice Myint at lowerhaterjanice@gmail.com.