NERT, Tips in a Nutshell [August-September 2010 print edition]

By Mari Hunter

The SF Fire Department recently finished up a NERT training course in Hayes Valley/Western Addition. Volunteers will discuss this training and what we can do as a neighborhood to prepare for an emergency at the August 26th HVNA meeting.

In the meantime, here are some preparedness tips:
1. In a disaster, think-don’t panic. Assess the situation— Are you okay and in a safe place?
2. Prior to an emergency, assemble a kit with basics including water, food, good shoes, radio, and flashlight.
3. Identify and reduce hazards in your environment e.g. cleaning supplies in your home, unsecured objects located above your head.
4. Locate your water, electrical and gas sources, learn how to turn them off and call a professional to turn them back on.
5. In a disaster, don’t move from the known to the unknown.
6. Locate your nearest land line and develop an outof- region call plan so friends and family can check-in and know where you are and that you are okay.

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