Octavia Historic Commemoration Project

The Octavia Historic Commemoration Project is seeking artists and designers to submit proposals for a permanent installation to capture the spirit of that achievement.

Initial proposals due Friday April 30th, 2021 @ 5:00pm.

It’s been nearly 20 years since the Central Freeway was demolished, replaced with Octavia Boulevard, Patricia’s Green and a diversity of affordable housing options (PROP I, 1999). The removal of the Central Freeway, the focus of this Commemorative Project, was a pivotal moment in part of the history of San Francisco, yet is unfamiliar to many people

The Project’s goal is to tell the story of dedicated ordinary citizen leaders, together with their community, taking extraordinary action to bring about positive change. This inspiration is to be expressed in locations along the Boulevard and Patricia’s Green, for the public to view and be inspired to take action themselves. The project will also need to highlight and reflect the diverse community that brought about this change; including local grassroots organizations and individuals, as well as the LGBTQ and African American residents whom, without their efforts, the Central Freeway may still stand.

With this in mind, the Market/Octavia Community Advisory Committee (MOCAC) in partnership with local community members, the San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA), have undertaken an exploration of this idea, which is being called the “Octavia Historic Commemorative Project”, (known as the Project Committee).

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