Pop-Ups, The New Glue for the Hayes Valley Community

By Racine Serrano

On the corner of Hayes and Octavia Street is a place where people in the neighborhood can learn, shop, and relax in a space the size of a five car parking lot.

The Museum of Craft and Design provides the Hayes Valley neighborhood with a walk-in exhibit, arts and craft classes, lectures, and an art store, which is neatly displayed within a refurbished shipping container. Over the past several weeks the museum has displayed three different artists.

“Pop-ups have been great,” said Andrea Fuentes, an on-site associate of the museum. “An intersection makes a big difference in bringing in lots of people. It’s meant for people to interact, and so far it’s working in this community.”

Natalay Gattegno and Jason Kelly Johnson’s Trilux is currently on display. Trilux is an installation design made by Future Cities Lab. Future Cities Lab is an experimental design and research office based in San Francisco.  The installation is constructed of three wooden structures that create an illuminated beacon that can be seen perfectly at night.

“I don’t know what the other exhibits were like but the wooden installations are great to see at night,” said a Hayes Valley resident who enjoys participating in the museum’s current installation.

The museum is one of many businesses participating in the proxy project. The proxy project brings local business from around San Francisco and allows them to offer services to the Hayes Valley community for a few months at a time. The proxy project is fairly new to the neighborhood, but residents seem to enjoy it.

The proxy project is a temporary project that not only embraces new ideas and businesses, but also allows participating businesses to reach new markets, while creating a sense of togetherness for the Hayes Valley neighborhood.

“I’m happy that the museum will be here longer,” said Robert Callahan, a resident of Hayes Valley. Callahan brought his son and daughter to a clay class taught by an instructor from the Museum. “I hope we can enjoy more free classes in the future,” he said.

The Museum of Craft and Design recently extended their exhibit in Hayes Valley through Nov. 20, 2011.