Public Art Gallery on Our Sidewalks in Hayes Valley!

How do trashcans and visual art go together? The Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association, with its merchant sponsors, has figured out a way to do both.

Sealed Big Belly trashcans covered in original local art, are installed in high use locations for all to use and appreciate. Crazy to do both, right? Here are the sponsors and their selected artists who created the artwork. The link to the Hoodline article doesn’t show all the artworks and there have been changes to the sponsorships. Each work of art was produced without digital imagery. We’ve asked each artist to scan and format their art so it could be printed on the PVC wrap, and applied to each Big Belly. Artist Jennifer Maria Harris was especially helpful in helping other artists format their work for this project.

NE corner of Hayes & Laguna:

Sponsor – Salt and Straw
Artist Rhonel Roberts: As a local artist, these images were created as I fell in love with our beautiful city!! My artwork uses a technique called “ Tapeography “
By taking pieces of masking tape, arranging them along with acrylic paint on watercolor paper. I continue to share these techniques in Tapeography Art Workshops!

North side of Patricia’s Green at Hayes:

Sponsor – Fig and Thistle
Artists: Students from SFUSD’s John Muir Elementary School, corner of Webster/Oak. Haight Street Art Center (215 Haight St) works each year with the students to create screen-printed artwork. See the artwork for details of our young artists. The Art Center also works with other schools in San Francisco. HSAC’s Mikal Malkovitch formatted our student art.

North side of Patricia’s Green at Hayes:

Sponsor – Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association
Artist Tana Quincy: Tana lives in Hayes Valley and works out of her studio in the Mission. Her art explores contemporary, utilitarian materials while seeped in the painter’s tradition. Recent paintings employ her extrusion processes on substrates of household towels that envision spaces for the homeless. Stirred by Mother Teresa’s recently published writings in “A Call to Mercy: Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve,” these paintings invite us to contemplate how compassion can exist within our complex contemporary times.

East side of Patricia’s Green at NB Octavia/Linden:

Sponsor – Souvla
Artist Jennifer Maria Harris: As part of a recent series, Commence, small silhouettes of people float above and among densely interwoven lines of color, visually challenging our perceived separateness and singularity by peeling back the layers of surface reality to reveal a simplified, abstract level on which we are both connected to each other and also indistinguishable from a larger whole.
In working as a professional artist over the past 25 years, I have always made both work that is meant to hang on a wall and work that is intended for public spaces. I loved having the opportunity to bring the two together in this unique project. All of my work arises from my fascination with the ways we relate to the stories in our lives and how they influence our personal and cultural identity. I believe art can literally make us see ourselves and our worlds differently; can change our role in the greater story. More about Commence, and more about me, at

SE corner of NB Octavia/Linden (near the Biergarten):

Sponsor – Friends of Linden Alley
Artist Sarah Young: Arno was our cat who loved us, but truly loved to be outside, exploring and stalking mice.  Here he is, stuck inside, looking out the window with a mournful face.  The curtains have birds on them, showing the freedom he is missing.
Sarah’s artwork is made by a technique called Reductive Linocut.  She used an art-grade linoleum, and cut away successive layers before printing each color by running through a press. Each sheet of paper is run again after each new cut, with a successively darker color.  Whites remain from the cuts made for the first, lightest color.

SW corner of Grove/Gough, next to the bus stop:

2 sponsors: Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley and SF Realtors Association
Artist Earl Speas: I chose HARBINGER OF SPRING (Chinese ink and color on rice paper) for I felt it captured the spirit and energy of Hayes Valley.
50 years ago, he left rural Missouri to study diversified art in San Francisco. He received a BA from San Francisco State University with advanced studies at California College of the Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, and New York University. For the past 28 years, he has concentrated on the practice of Chinese painting, resulting in solo exhibitions, as well as group shows statewide and in China. He retired after teaching art at the Hamlin School for 39 years. He now spends his time seeking beauty on the streets of San Francisco, on nature trails, and on his travels to foreign countries. He carries his Canon in his pocket so that he may record all that inspires him.

Installation of the Big Bellies are slated for today!