Public Safety Meeting Recap June 2020

On Line Meeting 6.1.20
Focus Topic: Public Safety Concerns in Hayes Valley During COVID-19
Principals at meeting:
  • Chief Katherine Miller, San Francisco Juvenile Probation
  • Brittany Ford, Executive Director of Mo Magic
  • Dean Preston, District 5 Supervisor
  • Kyle Smeallie, Legislative Aide District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston
  • Art Campos, SF SAFE


Attendance count: approx 36 (65 registrants)
Format: registrants signed up 10 days in advance to the meeting and submitted questions/concerns


First Presenter Chief Katherine Miller of San Francisco Juvenile Probation “Kat” has been Chief since January 2020. She informed us that there are 500 youth in the Juvenile Probation System. With an expected closing soon there are only 11 youth at Juvenile Hall. The courts have been postponing many hearings.  The Probation Officers are adjusting to changes in communicating with their caseloads. The State of California will be starting to close the State Youth prisons with counties taking over.

Brittany Ford, Executive Director of Mo Magic, was happy to announce that the Mayor has opened up the city for summer programs and summer camps. Magic Zone will have programs at Ella Hill Hutch. In the past there were 60 youth in the program but she expects there will only be 20 this summer. Other youth programs that are a part of Mo Magic will also have a reduced number of participants. Major events such as the Summer Kickoff at City Hall and the Summer Reading Program will not be happening this year.

District 5 Supervisor, Dean Preston in response to concerns posed by a large number of attendees regarding the many tents along Octavia explained there was a city wide decision to not remove the tents.  He advised us that you should not confront people in the tents but rather call 311 or 415-553-0123 particularly if tents are blocking the sidewalk. Supervisor Preston also spoke about the safe sleeping sites. One will be opening up in the Haight and a search is underway for a location near Hayes Valley. Unfortunately those individuals presently located in tents on Octavia are not eligible to move into the safe sleeping site in the Haight. Supervisor Preston encouraged people to contact his office if public safety concerns are not being addressed. Kyle Smeallie, the Legislative Aide assigned to Hayes Valley, offered his help as well.

Art Campos, of SF SAFE, also offered his assistance. He advised people raising concerns about residential and property break-ins to reach out to SF SAFE;  a residential specialist would be assigned to stop by their home or building for a safety assessment.

Sgt James O’Malley of Northern Station was assigned to riot duties therefore he was unable to attend the meeting. He did answer a few questions by email. No updates on the death of the woman near Patricia’s Green a few weeks ago. John Hunter was arrested again on 5/25, a few days earlier, 5th time by Northern. He advised all neighbors in Hayes Valley to call 911 if he is seen near Ivy and Buchanan.

Please check our calendar for upcoming public safety meetings.

Thank you.

This summary is brought to you by the Public Safety and Communications Committees. Special thanks to event sponsor: Red Bridge