Re-Imagine Haight + Fillmore

Post from the Lower Haight Merchant & Neighbor Association

Re-Imagine Haight + Fillmore
Thursday Night 7pm Peacock Lounge

In the wake of the fire at the corner of Haight + Fillmore, our neighborhood has some grievances and some opportunities. What would you like to see in the area of Haight + Fillmore?

Your neighbors are getting together to Re-Imagine Haight + Fillmore. We’d love your help…input…ideas…comments…feedback.

Here’s what we have now:
Walgreens and three other stores and 25 units of housing under wraps, literally (white plastic, anyone?)
An empty restaurant in the spot that used to house Hank’s 500 (those of you who were around in the days of Hanks, please come and bring your stories!)
Our very own Whole Foods (no, not that Whole Foods, the original) anchoring one corner.
Lo Cost Meats anchoring the other.
On Thursday evening we are having a Lower Haight meeting to brainstorm about what the future could hold here. Please join us to imagine or listen.

Peacock Lounge 7PM-9PM Thursday Nov 17, 2011

The meeting will be led by a landscape architect and urban planner Liz Westbrook, head of pilot project WalkStops. We’ll be talking about ways we can take this blighted corner that is suffering mightily post 4-alarm fire and turn it into the beautiful and thriving center of our wonderful neighborhood.

What might the future hold? Ideas include: unique crosswalks, greening the corners, pop up stores, murals, bike racks, timelines, oral histories, exorcism, wayfinder signs, lights, and much, much more.

We need your help! Please come out and Re-Envision Haight + Fillmore!