Scene on the Green [August-September 2010 print edition]

The Dog (Birth) Days of Summer

Both pets and Hayes Valley neighbors enjoyed Patricia’s Green during an early July doggie birthday party for Zoe (corgi, aged 4) and Louis (a rat terrier/papillon mix, aged 2). Owners Lindsay and Jamie & Susan supplied cake enough for all well-behaved invitees and party crashers.

The Queens’ Tea Party

Mrs. Vera, Mr. Tina and Jack Davis hosted a tea party on Patricia’s Green on Saturday, July 24. Those invited were Radical Faeries, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Drag Harpies and local celebutants. The invitation said “When people are asking for a theme we tell them to dress up. When they press further, we say don’t wear pants (unless of course, they are fabulous,) even further we say the theme is Faerie, Something Bright and Colorful.”

The fare was varied, as for any good high tea. There were savory sandwiches: cucumber, watercress and egg salad, The sweet end was taken up with yummy cupcakes and a St. Louis favorite, Gooey Butter Cake, all served on linen, china and silver. It was a perfect day for big hats, sundresses and sunglasses. The children in the park were most gracious to briefly share the climbing dome with the party goers so they could stage a group photo.