Stay Healthy In Hayes Valley

By Bob Barnwell

We may not have many doctor’s offices or dental clinics in Hayes Valley but we have a large number of complementary and specialized health businesses in our area.  From Good Medicine Consult and Advocacy, one of the newest members of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association, to Through the Hayes Optometry, one of the longest business members of HVNA, there are many health professionals in our neighborhood.

From left to right: Lael Duncan, MD, Jennifer Brokaw, MD, Sara Stephens, RN, BSN

Good Medicine Consult and Advocacy has been in Hayes Valley for three years and does what their name says—consult with and advocate for their clients.  Located at 368 Hayes they have an office that includes two doctors, three registered nurses,  a pharmacist and an insurance specialist.  Founded by Doctor Jennifer Brokaw they are there to help patients with current health issues and chronic health concerns.  Good Medicine also works in advanced care planning and in educating their clients before a medical crisis occurs.  They can help you in your end of life wishes. At (415) 865-0300 Good Medicine Consult and Advocacy provides services that improve care, reduce anxiety and enhance communications between all medical providers.

Acupuncture office: Photo courtesy Rose Glavin

Across the street at 379 Hayes is Rose Glavin L.Ac.  A licensed acupuncturist Rose graduated from an American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.  She has been in Hayes Valley for 7 years.  While many in her profession specialize in pain treatment Rose specializes in women’s health,  specifically fertility.   At (415) 686-2789 the initial consultation is 90 minutes for a complete overview for needs for acupuncture and herbal medicine.  Rose also lives in Hayes Valley with her husband and four young children.

If in need of an ‘emotional tune-up’ for your relationship, or for grief, or other life crisis, one might visit the home/office of Anne M. Pincus, PhD., who is a Clinical Psychologist practicing in our area.  As you climb the stairs of her Victorian home in Hayes Valley you know the office is comfortable and very private.  Practicing for over 25 years and in Hayes Valley for ten years, Anne sees mostly adults and couples’ saving a few of her 25 hours offered weekly for adolescents.  As a client, you might have a chance to visit her special sand play area, which holds many miniatures and a small sandtray—to work with as part of your therapy process.  Anne welcomes your calls anytime at (415) 431-3331 if you are seeking more information about psychotherapy.

Through the Hayes Optometry is celebrating their 10th year in Hayes Valley.  At 529 Hayes, Dr. Therese Langille is welcoming a long time friend as a new partner, Dr. Angela Tam.  With five staff members they see about 40-45 patients a week.   Therese and Angela love giving back and have done volunteer work in Guatemala and elsewhere.  Now concentrating on her own community, Therese has worked at the last five Project Homeless Connects.  At (415) 533-6166 Through the Hayes Optometry provides free exams and glasses for the needy through The Children’s Vision First and California Vision Project.  We are lucky to have Therese and now Angela being so generous in their contributions to the health of our community.

Agesong, an assisted living facility, has two locations in Hayes Valley on Laguna serving 95 patients with 100 employees.  A strong participant in community activities, Agesong sponsors many events in the community including the May 2011 Holistic Health Fair.  This event involved many of the health businesses in Hayes Valley.  They may be reached at (415) 318-8670.

Once you get healthy in Hayes Valley, stay healthy at Live Fit Gym 301 Fell st at Gough.  The gym is open 5:30AM 10 11:00PM and they have at least 11 fitness classes.  They provide chiropractic care MWF and everybody’s favorite health care, massage, 7 days a week.  They have been here 1 ½ years and may be reached at (415) 525-4354.

We  know there are other chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychologists, optometrists and long term care facilities in our area and we encourage you to stay local.  Many are small businesses and employ people who live here.  Remember—to get healthy and stay healthy you do not have to go far from Hayes Valley.