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Supervisor London Breed Supports March for Meals Effort

Meals On Wheels of San Francisco (MOWSF) is participating in a month-long national effort called “March for Meals,” commemorating the historic amendment to the Older Americans Act signed into law by President Richard Nixon in 1972, which makes programs like MOWSF possible. To increase visibility to the plight of the 3,500 seniors MOWSF serves, many of whom live alone and below the poverty line, each of San Francisco’s supervisors was asked to deliver a meal to a client living in their district.

District 5 is home to 286 such clients, one of whom opened her door to greet Supervisor London Breed on a sunny afternoon in the Fillmore District. After presenting Yvonne with a flowering plant, her meal, and a special cupcake, the Supervisor settled in to visit and hear her constituent’s concerns about services available to seniors with limited income. “I’m an advocate for seniors, but I’m a little tiny advocate,” offered Yvonne. “With a big voice,” Supervisor Breed corrected. Yvonne explained, “I’m concerned about seniors with medical conditions. When you can’t speak for yourself, you need a voice to speak for you.”

Supervisor Breed shared that she was raised by her grandmother just a few blocks away. When she went to college she sought out services for her grandmother who was starting to develop dementia. One of those services was Meals On Wheels. Yvonne praised the service, noting that until she started using it she thought that it was just about food. She was thrilled to discover that the organization provides social workers, nutrition counseling and “friendly visitors.” Through MOWSF’s Volunteer Program, Yvonne gets visits from volunteer Ashley on a regular basis. They have lunch and sometimes go for short walks in the neighborhood.

As she and Supervisor Breed said their goodbyes, Yvonne expressed with gratitude, strength and grace, the perspective she chooses for herself, “I have a happy heart and I have a normal life. I have my problems but I was born with perseverance.”

If you would like to support seniors in Hayes Valley, please “like” the Meals On Wheels of San Francisco Facebook page. Craig Newmark, founder of will donate $1 per new like, up to $10,000, to the organization.

This article was submitted by long time resident Murrey Nelson, who is also a former president of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Assn.

Photos of Meals on Wheels visit-London, resident Yvonne, and Long time HV resident Murrey