Hayes Valley Headlines

At the edge of Hayes Valley enjoy delicious food served out of roaming mobile vehicles. Organized by “Off-the-Grid” you will find a food corral bordering Hayes Valley every Saturday for this season of mobile food. This Saturday head over to … Read More

Parklets, And How to Get One

You may have seen a few parking spaces around San Francisco that have been transformed into a miniature gathering space for people to eat, lounge and talk. These miniature parks are referred to as “Parklets.” The Parklet installations are a … Read More

Walk Stops

by Mari Hunter Invited by GOOD Magazine to host a City Research and Development (R+D) event, a small group of impassioned District 5 residents with strong professional and/or personal interests in urban planning, environment, safety, and community ideals gathered in … Read More

Linden Alley Celebration

Come to celebrate the Linden Living Alley project from 4:30 to 6:30PM today. HVNA loves this project and supported it through its three years in the making. We look forward to a future with more “living” alleyways and streetscapes. To … Read More