The Blog and the Hayes Valley Voice Needs Help

Friends, neighbors, community members:

The Hayes Valley Voice, brought to you by the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association, is in need of some help!

Ways to help:

1. Deliver the Voice. If you are interested in walking through the neighborhood and dropping off Voices (or the bi-monthly flyer) at people’s doorsteps for a few blocks of the neighborhood. Please email us at

2. Layout the Voice. The file is already set up in Adobe InDesign by a generous graphic designer. You will work with the Editor of the newsletter every other month to layout the Voice. On the off months, you will only need to update the rear business member list that goes on the back of the flyer, with the help of the membership chair. Please email us at

3. Edit the Voice Our editor is moving across the bay (not by choice but by circumstance). We will need someone to take on the role of editor. If you are interested, please email us at

4. Contribute to the Blog or be a blog manager. We need people to contribute pieces to the blog and someone to be in charge of updating the blog. Please email us at

5. Website management. The website is being redesigned. Please email us at if you can help with the website by maintaining it.

6. Any other areas of interest in the Hayes Valley Neighbhorhood Association should be directed to We can add you to the email mailing list.